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Did you know you could make great money doing Color Consultations for clients?

Our 3-Day Intensive, Certified Color Expert Training Can Show You How>>

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Why color is critical and how people (even "professionals") are making HUGE mistakes!  Photo examples of what not to do all along the way.


The first and easiest color to choose in your color scheme, how to read a space and the BEST, white for all occasions!


The hardest color type to choose, how to break color down to make it easier to understand and how to pick the best neutral for your clients.

The Fastest Way for You to Understand Color!

  • The Best Color Tools
    Learn how to quickly "see" undertones in a color by using these "control" colors and paint tools.
  • The Forgotten Key
    Learn about the one critical aspect of color that is extremely important, but overlooked by your competitors.
  • The Recipe
    Copy our exact recipe for success which is our 6-Steps to Assessing the Space and Picking the Best Color Scheme!
  • The Business Advantage
    See how you can use your newfound color knowledge to rise above in the design and staging industry.

What Others Are Saying:

Lori Oliver

"I loved the Color Training Program! It is so thorough and easy to understand. It will truly enhance my staging business and will add value to my clients."

Debra DelToro

"CCE training was fantastic! Thorough, well organized and always fun to listen to Audra push and motivate, like only she can, with humor, warmth, and tons of support!!"

Sandy Kiefner

"I love color and am very excited to start using this in my business. I find that people are afraid of color in their homes so this course will help me allay fears with my customers."

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