How to Pick the Best Color Schemes - Video 2

Did you know you could make great money doing Color Consultations for clients?

Our 3-Day Intensive, Certified Color Expert Training Can Show You How>>

We've Outlined Everything in these 6 Training Modules:

Critical Color Basics

Color concepts, the color wheel, color schemes and what works. Color with respect to light, architecture, emphasis, meaning and mood. 

CCE Rules of Color

How to get a "color read" on your client's space.  Breaking color down by type and understanding the rules of each tone.  Using your CCE color tools to easily ascertain undertones in a space.

Interpreting Color

In this module, we show you how to use our 6-Step Color Read process in order to assess the color cues already in a home and begin building the color palette.

Creating the Palette

It's not just about picking the right paint color but about working with the client's existing furnishings, finishes, home cues and personality to define an overall color palette the client will love!

Consultation Success

We provide you a color consultation process that is designed to build your design and staging business!  We show you the business of color and how it can be the gateway to so much more!

Marketing Essentials

We want your color business to boom, so we show you our no-cold calling approach to marketing your color consults easily and effectively!  Get ready to grow your business!

What Others Are Saying About the CCE Course:

Simone Gesser

"The Color Certified Expert training gave me the differentiation I need to succeed even more in the Home Staging business."

Ruth Banks

"I really enjoyed this color training course. Your course contains a lot of fantastic information in a fast and easy to learn format. The combination of video, written manual and paint fan decks made it fun, and helped me understand the concepts a lot easier. I highly recommend this color training course."

Marina Ashe

"I enjoyed taking this course and found it to be full of wonderful information that will greatly help me in adding to my list of services to provide to my clients. It also helped me to learn so much more about color! Thank you Audra"

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