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I get it...sometimes you don't need to understand all the nuances of color and you just want some "classics" that you can refer the occasional client to when asked.  This download will GIVE you the classics, SHOW you the photos of the paint color in beautiful rooms and EXPLAIN to you when to use them.


If you're one of those crazy, color fanatics who can't get enough then you will want to watch my free video series on the "6-Steps to Picking the Best Color Schemes for Clients"

Here are a few crazy, color fanatics like you...


The Color Certified Expert training gave me the differentiation I need to succeed even more in the Home Staging business.

Simone Gesser

Loved learning the step by step process of doing a color consultation. I can really use that structure, and confidence to hold my ground on price!

Dawn Marie Stockbridge

CCE was fantastic! Thorough, well organized and always fun to listen to Audra push and motivate, like only she can, with humor, warmth, and tons of support!!

Debra Del Toro-Phillips - Room Renaissance

I enjoyed taking this course and found it to be full of wonderful information that will greatly help me in adding to my list of services to provide to my clients. It also helped me to learn so much more about color! Thank you Audra

Marina Ashe - Brunelle Ashe Interiors

I have taken both the Home Staging and Certified Color courses with Audra and I am very impressed - they are easy to follow and the videos for every section really help in understanding the concepts behind the facts.

Pamela Hopgood - Perfect Match Homes

I really enjoyed this color training course. Your course contains a lot of fantastic information in a fast and easy to learn format. The combination of video, written manual and paint fan decks made it fun, and helped me understand the concepts a lot easier. I highly recommend this color training course.

Ruth Banks - Romi Design

I love color and am very excited to start using this in my business. I find that people are afraid of color in their homes so this course will help me allay fears with my customers.

Sandy Kiefner - SK Fresh Perspective Home Designs

I started this Certified Color Expert course over six months ago, but had to step away from completing it because of the renovation my husband and I were doing on the "new" home we purchased. Thankfully, since I had finished most of the course when I initially signed up, I had the expertise to make the right decisions for the paint colors we used in our house. I have painted almost every room and we love everything. We've also received numerous compliments on the colors we used and I have Audra to thank for that. I never could have picked out the right colors for our house if I had not completed most of the course in advance.

Joy Edwards - Joyous Home Designs

I have always loved design and color, and just recently started my own business. I am so happy I took this course, it has wet my appetite to continue to learn more. I have taken a few other design courses, but by far have receive the most benefit from this one. Thank you for developing a course that works for an aspiring professional in the design field.

Maggie Evans

I absolutely love the training that Audra provides in all of her programs. I have gone through her staging training and now her certified color training. She really has outdone herself in providing exemplary outlines, materials, and tools to help you become adept at providing your clients with the perfect color home. I am thrilled that I will be able to help my clients choose colors that they will love in their homes and that will make them feel great. I also appreciate all the resources she gives me that help me to be successful in my business. Thank you Audra!

Helen I Hodge - Harmony Homes

Since I learned the "rules of color" and "6 step color read process" that the CCE Training teaches, I have the confidence needed to help my clients easily make the best color choice for their home. Thanks Audra!

Victoria Palmer - Victoria Staging & ReDesign

Thank you for a step by step approach to expert color consulting. I look forward to adding this service to my redesign & staging business. I enjoyed learning from the comfort of my home office & at my own pace. I highly recommend this program. Thank you!

Victoria Coggin - Bella Vita Redesign

Another great HSR Certification course. Audra gives you all that you need to get your color consultations perfect, from color 101 to perfect consults and marketing.

Tracy Egan - Get It Sold Staging

Enjoyed taking the certified color expert training. I loved learning throughout each module. I am so much more knowledgeable and confident when suggesting color to a client.Audra style of teaching was fun and enjoyable.

Tracey Jones

Just like the staging training, the CCE training has been very thorough both in the step by step process of the consultation as well as how to price and handle payments. I like that the training is a whole concept approach because knowing and implementing are two different things. I feel confident that I can now do a color consultation given the 6 step process.

Melissa Barronton - FYN Home Staging & Design

Having been in business since 2000 and around every aspect of home building, buying, and interiors- I felt pretty knowledgeable about it all-except for color. I have always felt that is the area I lack the most confidence in. I'm a firm believer in continual education to stay on top of your craft, however, Audra's training teaches a simple and effective method of specifying color that leaves no questions in anyone's mind - and having a process and forms to accompany it is something I've never had before. Being very literal, having a checklist to follow gives an ease to the process and is going to give me the level of confidence I was lacking. The marketing and forms will take my business a step above the rest, and I'm so excited to use this additional information to one-up my services. Thanks Audra!

Elizabeth Scruggs - Superior Construction & Design

I loved the Color Training Program! It is so thorough and easy to understand. It will truly enhance my staging business and will add value to my clients.

Lori A. Oliver - Staging With Style

Thank you Audra!! Thank you for the opportunity to elevate and fine tune my business and as well as expand my skill set through your continual sharing of knowledge and information! What a fabulous toolkit!! I lOVE this Certified Color Expert Program!! Thank you for selflessly paying this program forward and creating yet another outstanding and invaluable learning opportunity. Can't wait to get started!

Deborah Scerbo - Elgantly Appointed

I enjoyed the course very much. The course was very useful, full of information and thorough. The way it was structured made it fun to learn.

Hala A. Abdulhadi Al-Janabi - Design Clearly



About the Author

Audra Slinkey is an Amazon Best Selling Author and International Speaker on Design, Home Staging and Internet Marketing.  She founded the largest, most successful, online staging and design training program ten years ago (www.HomeS´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐) and has now created a separate Certified Color Expert course for those who are in LOVE with color!

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